Aesir Chronicles

ChangelingEyesFrontBook One of The Aesir Chronicles, Changeling Eyes, found a new home with Amazon Encore publishing imprint until May 31, 2016. After that, it will take a brief hiatus while transferring between publishers and will be unavailable for a short time.

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Five common Elements bind all of creation together; Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Life. But the Aesir Element, wielded by the Creator’s messengers, is the most beautiful and by far the deadliest.

When the human crown-princess, Lrill Kettenring, suddenly manifests the Aesir Element it slowly corrupts her. Her eyes change color, limbs elongate, ears grow pointed and the power arcs out in crushing waves of blue flame to demolish everything around her.

Feared, resented and mistaken for a hated Changeling, she flees to the Mage’s Keep. There, with the help of a Telchine Scholar Mage, reluctant Changeling prince, kind-hearted Gnome, and a seductive Water Elf, she works to control her powers and find a way to reclaim her throne… but the very nature of her power makes her a ticking time bomb… and the only one who could cure her has been ordained her enemy by an ancient foe Lrill doesn’t even know she has.